StrategyOffer a direct to consumer subscription package for additional content not currently offered to linear channel providers. Customers will have the option to subscribe to a new service that provides them access to up to 10,000 + additional sporting events per year.  Team GoalsBring ESPN+ to all platforms in 2018.Redesign and transform Mobile/Web/OTT applications to support new business model.

My RoleLead UX/UI video experiences across OTT platforms, Mobile and Web. Collaborate with Product, Engineering, Editorial and Marketing teams on new featured home screens, search, scores & data, branding, event cards, Live and VOD experiences.  Additionally, I worked alongside MLB/BAMTech teams on user research, payment flows, and authentication status, integrating MultiSport purchasing into the ESPN App. 

Competitive AnalysisResearch, analyze and identify the competitors. Evaluate their strategies and usability to determine their strengths and weaknesses relative to our product and service. Test purchase flows, check-out process, authentication, multi-device login, personalization, content structure

User ResearchTalk to potential customers to help us understand the market with BamTech integration of MLB.tv, PGA Tour Live and NHL.tv. Build out personas to uncover goals, frustrations, motivations and needs. Understand how real people find and consume sports on different platforms. Identify key drivers for subscription: Usage patterns and current behaviors that may inform our design decisions. Validate information architecture assumptions. What is the language/taxonomy of users?