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Josh Schaertl is a UX professional with 20 years of hands-on experience delivering design solutions across multiple brands and platforms. Mentoring designers, collaborating with business and engineering teams to drive innovation. I am passionate about building exceptional user experiences that are intuitive, immersive and compelling. Translating business objectives and arriving at a creative solution to drive engagement. I've worked alongside great people at ESPN and Disney to craft delightful digital products. Most recently, I led UX and product design for the 2018 launch of the Next-Gen ESPN app and the ESPN+ Direct-to-Consumer initiative across 15 platforms, spanning mobile, web, OTT, game consoles, smart TV’s and VR. Designing solutions for streaming video, content discovery, personalization and native pay flows. Since launch, ESPN+ has reached more than 10 million paid subscribers. My work has covered our Fantasy Sports gaming platforms, partnerships with casino operators and international affiliates. Additionally, I’ve created many complex sports dashboards and data visualizations for advanced replay applications. Designed touchscreen telestration for on-air studio production and virtual graphics for remote events. Projects included: MNF, NBA, MLB, British Open, Australian Open, Breeders Cup, World Series of Poker and Studio Talk Shows. Prior to ESPN, I designed digital products and marketing for Global 500 health and financial companies as well as early stage start-ups. Looking to connect? Say hi.