Watch Homepage Redesign


My RoleLead Designer on video experiences across OTT platforms, Mobile and Web. StrategyVisual overhaul to align ESPN+ and Watch environments across Connected TV's, Mobile and Web. Deploy three hero treatments for Editorial page creation. 
  1.  Fullscreen Takeover
  2.  Promotional Carousel
  3.  Live 3-Up Auto-Play

  • Redesign applied to all editions of ESPN including LATAM, PacRim, Brazil, Deportes and Caribbean.
  • These features are customizable to the most relevant content or marketing based on entitlements across ESPN+, PPV, and TV Everywhere.
  • Hero treatments will use personalization data to promote content per user entitlements. Can be programmed for users who haven't purchased the latest UFC PPV event.

1) Fullscreen Takeover Treatment  
  • Most dramatic and impactful editorial treatment for content
  • Nearly full bleed “takeover” is designed to highlight our most impactful and important content to the user
  • Highlights a single call-to-action for users to buy immediately via paywall, to the live stream, or to a collection of library content
  • Ideal for all future PPV merchandising and big events such as NFL Draft 


2) Promotional "Pencil" Carousel Treatment  
  • Interactive Carousel of content
  • Promotional hero images are rotated within the carousel (3+ items will rotate every 5 seconds) creating a visually dynamic promotional element highlighting our best content
  • Will be leveraged to market ESPN+, PPV, or TV Everywhere content 


3) Three-Up Auto-Play Treatment  
  • Most common treatment for live content
  • Content will autoplay at the top of the page highlighting to the audience what is currently available on ESPN+ and TV Everywhere.
  • Leverages personalization to merchandise best live content per individual user
  • Will be most common editorial layout across watch environments 


Results: Old vs. New ESPN Watch Page New Site Overall Rating of 4.2 of 5.
Most participants were fond of the new ESPN Watch Page, particularly citing the Live section placement, the large promotion of the featured events, as well as the popular content (The Last Dance) at the top of the landing page.
 Many highlighted the “slick” appearance while praising dark mode. A handful of participants favored the white background, finding the black text on white easier to read.